Oil Change

We can’t overstate the importance of oil changes for your cars and trucks. Not only do they keep your engine running smoothly, but they also help you avoid expensive repairs down the road by preventing the buildup of sludge and other contaminants. Plus, oil changes help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reduce your overall emissions. With regular oil changes, your car or truck will perform better, last longer, and save you money.

So, make sure to stay on top of your oil changes and get them done here at WrenchWorks Truck & Auto Care! Our mechanics know oil changes like the back of their own hands and will ensure yours is done quickly so you can get back to your day. Additionally, with our selection of top-quality but affordable oil choices, you can rest assured your car or truck will be running at its best once the oil change is complete!

When to Get an Oil Change

Thanks to modern engine oils, we recommend getting your vehicle’s oil changed after 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Of course, this depends on your unique driving conditions and habits, as well as the age of your vehicle and the oil needed to run it. You can also check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for your vehicle’s specific make and model.

If you’ve lost track of when your last oil change was, or have an issue with the oil you were given previously, there are a few issues you can keep your eye out for that will let you know that you may need an oil change. These include:

  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Unusually dark exhaust smoke
  • Unusual engine noises during start-up or while driving
  • Knocking and tapping sounds coming from the engine
  • The oil on your vehicle’s dipstick looks dark and grimy
  • Distinctive odors like burning oil or exhaust fumes in and around your car

Get Your Oil Change Done Fast

When it’s time for your oil change trust the mechanics at WrenchWorks Truck & Auto Care to get the job done swiftly and accurately. Our team of automotive experts is certified to deliver fast, reliable services at competitive rates. So give us a call or schedule an appointment online with us today and let us take care of your vehicle’s oil change!

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